2019 NSW Election

The NSW state election will be held on Saturday 23 March 2019.

The 93-seat Legislative Assembly (or lower house) is currently:

  • Liberal-National coalition 52
  • Labor 34
  • Greens 3
  • Shooters, Fishers & Farmers 1
  • Independents 3

The Liberal-National coalition government is seeking a third four-year term and needs to hold 47 seats to govern in its own right – so a net loss of six seats or more would deprive it of majority government.

The coalition happens to holds six seats by a margin of less than 4% and 19 seats by a margin of less than 10%.

The Labor opposition needs a net gain of 13 seats to form majority government.

There is, therefore, a very real chance that neither side will achieve a majority and that NSW could end up with a hung parliament, with one of the major parties governing with the support of minor parties and/or independent MPs.

Election commitments summarised

The two major parties have announced 28 education-related policies during the 2019 NSW election campaign.

We have summarised each announcement from the parties’ official media statements and indicated whether the announcement is applicable to Catholic schools.

Read the summary here

The parties answer our questions

Catholic Schools NSW (CSNSW) and the Archdiocese of Sydney put several questions to the parties contesting the 2019 NSW election.

On behalf of Catholic school parents, principals, teachers and students, CSNSW asked three school-related questions.

Read each Party’s answers

(you can also read their responses to further questions put to them by the Archdiocese on the Catholic Weekly website).

These answers are published as they were received (with only minor edits to some of the longer answers, to save space). We provide these answers without comment or recommendation; they are published as a service to Catholic school parents and staff – and anybody else with an interest in these matters – to inform you of each party’s position on key matters affecting our schools.

We thank each of the parties for their time and cooperation.

Key Issues

Catholic Schools NSW (CSNSW) will meet with the major parties and candidates during the election campaign to establish their policies on key matter such as recurrent funding, capital funding, religious freedom and support for school choice.

Our objective in this election is the same as always – ensuring our schools receive their fair share of government funding to keep them viable and affordable for most families.

Catholic schools are a vital partner in NSW education, enrolling one in five NSW students and giving parents a quality, affordable schooling option for their children.

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