Capital Block Grants Authority

Capital Grants Program

In 2007 the NSW Government closed the State Interest Subsidy Scheme and replaced it with the NSW Building Grants Assistance Scheme.

To facilitate the process of applications for grants to this Scheme, the NSW Catholic Block Grant Authority (CBGA) and the NSW Department of Education have agreed to a set of terms and conditions under a funding agreement. As these terms and conditions are similar to the terms and conditions of the Commonwealth Government agreement, the processes and procedures adopted for the Capital Grants Program (CGP) as contained in their Operating Manual have been adopted for the BGAS.

The NSW Department of Education have now released a set of guidelines for the processes related to the application, assessment, approval and management of capital grant funds. These processes have been incorporated into the adopted process for making application of capital grant funds.

The CBGA is in the process of carrying out a Capital Review, reviewing all aspects of the current process of the capital grants program. proposed changes that impact eligibility or assessment criteria will be communicated to applications as soon as they are agreed. Where this has an impact on an application, the applicant will be provided with a reasonable time to revise and re-submit their application.
Trades Skills/Training Centres


New applications are to be submitted using the Capital Grants Application Database, which is available through the link below:

Capital Grants Applications Database – Login here

System schools should seek advice from the designated person in their Catholic Schools or Education Office. Congregational schools should contact the CBGA for assistance.

Capital Grants Programme (CGP) for Non-Government Schools – CGP Operating Manual 2016

New South Wales Building Grants Assistance Scheme

NSW Non-Government Schools Building Grant Assistance Scheme – Guidelines – November 2015

Capital Grants Application Guidelines 2014 (2016 version under revision)

Please contact Kevin Morrison, Coordinator – Capital Programs if you have any issues

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