Why Catholic Schools?

Why Catholic Schools?

Catholic schools educate one in five NSW school students. They are safe, supportive learning communities where the unique dignity of each child is respected, nurtured and valued.

“Our dedicated teachers embrace the privilege and challenge of teaching in Catholic schools.“

Why choose a Catholic school?

Each Catholic school provides a stimulating and challenging curriculum that links faith and culture. Our dedicated teachers embrace the privilege and challenge of teaching in Catholic schools. They expect each student to achieve to the best of his or her ability.

Catholic Schools NSW oversees Catholic schools in the state, each of which is governed either by a Diocese or Religious Institution. For a list of Diocese and Religious Institutions, please visit this page

To find Catholic Schools in your area, please use the School Lookup.

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591 catholic Schools in NSW


1 in 5 NSW students are educated at a Catholic school


Over 160,000 families in our Catholic school community

Our values

Catholic schools are open to all families who commit to supporting the philosophy, values and aims of Catholic education. Every Catholic school strives to be a spiritual, respectful and sharing place where education is an active partnership between parents, the school and the community. Catholic schools recognise that parents are a child’s first teacher.

Why Catholic Schools?

Teach me knowledge and good judgment, for I trust your commands. Psalm 119:66

Making a difference

Above all, Catholic schools aim to make a difference in our world. They foster the self-esteem and integrity of each student – inspiring hope and a positive vision. They seek to contribute to an Australian community that is highly educated, skilled and respectful of diversity, while promoting and embracing a critical analysis of social issues, the expansion of knowledge and the pursuit of truth.

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