Teaching at a Catholic school

Teaching at a Catholic school

Great teaching and optimal student learning are complementary aims of Catholic schools and require teachers who consider themselves to be positive change agents for students.

The achievement of the specific aims of the Catholic school depends not so much on its subject matter or methodology as on the people who work there.

Why work in a Catholic School?

NSW Catholic schools value a nature of teaching which emphasises teaching as a vocation and schools as communities. Catholic schools have a strong emphasis on community. CSNSW supports the concept of ‘the trusted teacher in a supportive and sufficiently resourced school community’ as the critical condition for great teaching and inspired learning.

There are 31 Diocesan Catholic Schools Agencies in NSW: 11 are the Catholic dioceses of NSW, all of which conduct schools and 20 are Religious Institutes (orders and other entities) which conduct one or more schools.

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591 catholic Schools in NSW


1 in 5 NSW students are educated at a Catholic school


Over 160,000 families in our Catholic school community

Information for teachers

CSNSW is committed to providing teachers with national standard information about professional development, current programs, career development and access to job boards, accreditation and qualification standards. Teachers wishing to seek employment should contact the Diocese or Religious Institute for information on how to apply for roles within their schools. Their contact information can be found here.

For current vacancies at CSNSW please see here

Teaching at a Catholic school

Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they reveal knowledge. - Psalm 19:2

Professional development for teachers in Catholic schools

CSNSW endorse the fostering, nurturing and sustaining the full continuum of the professional life of teachers within Catholic schools. High quality professional development enables teachers to continuously improve and maintain their teaching practice and develop their careers. The Brother John Taylor Fellowship is now open for applications. Learn more and apply.

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