The Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on Students with Disability

Education Programs – Special Learning Needs

CSNSW will be the central agency for the National Collection of Data for Students with Disabilities for Dioceses and Congregational schools in New South Wales.

The National Collection process involves an understanding of the requirements under the DDA and analysis of personal student adjustments. This is recorded on the CSNSW website in the form of a Personalised Plan. With respect to the Nationally Consistent Collection of data this process began in some schools in October 2013. Diocesan Disability Advisers are aware of this process and requirements for the NSW Catholic Schools and should be contacted where personnel in Diocesan schools have questions.

The National Data Collection process is similar in concept and purpose to the CSNSW ‘Personalised Planning’ (PPSD) process with which NSW Catholic Education Offices and Congregational schools have been engaged. CSNSW will assist in any necessary moderation of adjustment levels and submit the data to the Australian Government Department of Education in Canberra, on behalf of Diocesan and Congregational schools in NSW.

The data submitted to the Australian Government Department of Education will be drawn from the Personalised Plan (PPSD) database on the first Friday in August.

The following student information will be collected at the school level through PPSD on an annual basis:

  • The level of adjustment provided;
  • Number of students receiving each level of adjustment to participate in education on the same basis as other students; and
  • The student’s type(s) of disability

A number of resources have been developed at the national level to provide an overview of the rationale for the Model, the broader policy and reform context an overview of the implementation approach and timeframes.

The website has been established as a ‘one-stop’ resource for all information about the data collection. It will be reviewed and updated throughout the phased implementation.

School staff are also able to access the nationally available resource for principals and school teams developed by Educational Services Australia available at This resource identifies and guides participants through the steps that CSNSW will support in the data collection process. All staff may access the eLearning course for Disability Standards for Education under the DDA here.

Any queries should be referred to the Manager, Disability Support, Samantha Giles by email.

Compliance requirements:

Students personalised plans must be accurate as at 9am on Friday 3rd August 2018.
Diocesan offices will advise Principal of system ‘sign off’ requirements.

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