VET in Schools

VET in Schools (VETIS)

Education Programs – VET

Vocational Education and Training in Schools courses undertaken by school students as part of the HSC or ROSA that provide credit towards a nationally recognised VET qualification within the Australian Qualifications Framework.

Funds are to be used to support the provision and expansion of nationally recognised VET for school students under the national training framework (the AQF) and approved by the NSW Education Standards Authority for inclusion in Higher School Certificate or Rosa (Record of School Achievement) programs of study.

Priority in the use of funds should be given to:

  • Expanding VETIS Participation including Stage 5;
  • Ensuring Quality Delivery – teacher & resource development;
  • Expanding VET delivery;
  • Targeting skill areas of shortage and opportunity; and

For more information please see the MySkills website.

Compliance requirements:

CSNSW will produce the education report using available material from NESA reports and minutes of the Vocational Education and Advisory Group (VEAG).

A brief outline of the following are to be provided by Diocesan Catholic Schools Authorities to CSNSW by 19th March 2018.

  • Major changes in VET in Schools enrolments and qualifications achievements;
  • Successful strategies; and
  • Identification of obstacles

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