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Join us for the 2024 Catholic Schools NSW AI Symposium

Catholic Schools NSW is proud to present the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Symposium as part of its ongoing Professional Learning programme. This timely event delves into the ways AI can revolutionise teaching and learning, exploring the benefits, opportunities, and challenges.

Participants will hear from industry experts in AI and education and engage in discussions exploring the benefits of AI, including personalised learning experiences, enhanced student engagement, assessment and administrative efficiency.

Throughout the symposium, attendees will have the opportunity to explore practical applications of AI in educational contexts, ranging from adaptive learning platforms to AI-driven assessment tools. Keynotes and panel discussions will facilitate conversations on leveraging AI to support the work of schools and systems.

The symposium will also examine the associated risks and ethical considerations, such as the impact on teacher roles and student well-being. By fostering dialogue among educators, administrators, and AI experts, this symposium seeks to shape a responsible and informed approach to leveraging AI in Catholic schools, ensuring it aligns with our mission in Catholic education.

Date & Time

Friday, 31st May 9:00am – 4:30pm


Swissotel Sydney
68 Market St, Sydney NSW 2000


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Dan Bowen

Dan Bowen​

Client Technology Lead, Education at Microsoft

Dan Bowen serves as the Client Technology Lead for Education at Microsoft, where he leverages his expertise in technology and education to drive innovation and empower educators and students worldwide. With a background in computer science and a passion for education, Dan has dedicated his career to bridging the gap between technology and learning. Prior to joining Microsoft, he held various roles in the education sector, working closely with schools, universities, and educational organizations to integrate cutting-edge technology into teaching and learning practices. In his current role, Dan Bowen spearheads initiatives to develop and implement technology solutions tailored to the needs of educational institutions.

Dr Alan Ibbett

Head of Information Technology, CEnet

Dr. Alan Ibbett is the Head of Information Technology at CEnet (Catholic Education Network), where he brings a wealth of expertise in technology leadership within the education sector. With a doctorate in educational technology and a strong background in IT management, Alan has dedicated his career to advancing educational outcomes through the strategic integration of technology. In his role at CEnet, he oversees the development and implementation of innovative IT solutions tailored to the unique needs of Catholic schools and educational institutions. Alan is passionate about leveraging technology to enhance teaching and learning experiences, promote digital inclusion, and empower educators and students alike.

Prof Jim Tognolini 0

Prof Jim Tognolini

Centre for Educational Measurement and Assessment

Prof. Jim Tognolini is a leading academic in educational measurement and assessment, serving as Director of the Centre for Educational Measurement and Assessment at the University of Sydney. He has made significant contributions to the field through his research, teaching, and leadership, leveraging his expertise in psychometrics, statistical modeling, and the development of assessment methodologies. Through his collaborative efforts with educators, researchers, and policymakers, he has played a pivotal role in shaping assessment policies and practices both nationally and internationally. Prof. Tognolini’s dedication to improving the quality and equity of educational assessments continues to have a profound impact on the field and the broader education community.

Lee Ursino

Lee Ursino

Teacher and Teaching and Learning Projects Officer, St Gregory ’ s College Campbelltown

Lee Ursino is an experienced educator currently serving as the Teaching and Learning Projects Officer at St. Gregory’s College Campbelltown. With a passion for excellence in education, Lee has garnered extensive experience in teaching and instructional design. Her career journey includes roles as a classroom teacher, curriculum developer, and educational consultant. At St. Gregory’s College, Lee plays a key role in leading innovative teaching initiatives and fostering a culture of continuous improvement. Her expertise in pedagogy, technology integration, and student-centred learning approaches enriches the educational experience for both teachers and students. Lee is committed to empowering educators with the knowledge and tools to create dynamic learning environments that inspire intellectual curiosity and academic growth.

Dr Jonathan Moscarella

Dr Jonathon Mascorella

Director of Innovation at Loreto Kirribilli

Dr. Johnathon Mascorella is Director of Innovation at Loreto Kirribilli, where he champions the integration of technology into teaching and learning practices. Recognizing the crucial role of education, lifelong learning, and transdisciplinary skills in shaping the future economy, he focuses on developing high-level skills and knowledge in students. Dr Mascorella promotes innovative teaching methods and embraces diverse, cutting edge technologies to enhance learning outcomes, drawing on his background as a software programmer. Dr. Mascorella’s overarching goal is to inspire individuals, schools, and industries to embrace technological innovation and leverage curiosity to unlock limitless potential.

therese hopfenbeck

Prof Therese N. Hopfenbeck

Professor in Educational Assessment, University of Melbourne

Prof. Therese N. Hopfenbeck is a distinguished academic serving as a Professor in Educational Assessment at the University of Melbourne. With a background in psychology and educational measurement, her research focuses on developing innovative assessment methods and practices that promote fairness, validity, and reliability. Through her interdisciplinary approach, Therese bridges the gap between theory and practice, collaborating with educators, policymakers, and assessment experts to enhance assessment systems and practices globally. Her work has contributed significantly to the understanding of assessment literacy, formative assessment, and the impact of assessment on teaching and learning outcomes. As a thought leader in educational assessment, Prof. Therese Hopfenbeck continues to inspire and influence the next generation of researchers and practitioners in the field.

Bede Ritchie

Bede Ritchie

Assistant Director,Information, Communication and Learning Technologies, Catholic Education Diocese of Wollongong

BA Dip Ed; Grad DipEd (RE); EMBA; GAICD
Currently Assistant Director: ICLT Services (CIO) for the Diocese of Wollongong, Bede has had a unique career adopting diverse roles both within, and in support of, Catholic education.
He has substantive experience as a classroom practitioner and was an inaugural staff member of two secondary schools established within the Sydney Archdiocese.
After a five-year stint as an Account Manager in the EdTech industry, he became the first Chief Executive Officer of Catholic Education Network (CEnet) – an ICT shared services company owned by numerous dioceses across Australia.
He also acted as the General Manager of Catholic Network Australia (CNA) for the first two years of its existence.
From 2013-2023 he led the Finance, Properties, Planning and ICLT functions within Catholic Education: Diocese of Wollongong, and has recently adopted the focussed role of CIO for the organisation.
He has a great interest in navigating the intersection between technology and education.

Carolina Murdoch

Carolina Murdoch

Principal, St Joseph's Catholic College, East Gosford

Carolina Murdoch is currently Principal at St Joseph’s Catholic College in East Gosford, a girls’ systemic Catholic school on the Central Coast. Throughout her 28 year teaching career, she has held a number of leadership positions in Catholic schools, both Independent systemic in Sydney and on the Central Coast. Most recently she has worked as Assistant Principal : Student Achievement at St Leo’s Catholic College, Wahroonga and Director of Teaching and Learning at St Edward’s Christian Brothers’ College in Gosford. Carolina has extensive experience in Curriculum development, Assessment and Diverse Learning. She is committed to empowering students with the knowledge and skills to succeed and by fostering collaborative communities of practice for teachers.
Carolina has a Bachelor of Arts in Modern History from Oxford University, A Post-Graduate certificate in Education from the Institute of Education, University of London and is currently completing her Masters of Educational Leadership at UNSW.

Prof Miriam Tanti

Prof Miriam Tanti

Associate Dean, Academic Partnerships, La Trobe University

Professor Miriam Tanti is an experienced educator who has dedicated more than 20 years to collaborating with teachers, schools, and school systems. Throughout her career, she has played a pivotal role in fostering engagement and innovation among key educational stakeholders and industry partners, both nationally and internationally. At present, she holds the position of Associate Dean Academic Partnerships and serves as the Director of the Commonwealth-supported Nexus program – an innovative pathway to enter the teaching profession. Nexus represents an employment-based pathway designed to attract and prepare a diverse cohort of high-achieving prospective teachers for roles in metropolitan, regional and rural secondary and primary schools in Victoria and New South Wales. In support of this work, her research explores the influence and impact of school and university partnerships on teacher development, including preservice teachers, mentor teachers, and communities of practice. Her efforts in this area have been instrumental in advocating for an integrated approach to initial teacher education. Additionally, her other area of exploration and research focuses on the meaningful integration of digital technologies in education. Her collaboration with Microsoft and Telstra resulted in the development of simulations designed to equip preservice teachers for their professional experience and the teaching profession. This initiative not only is at the forefront of evidence-informed contemporary educational practices but also garnered the endorsement of key regulatory authorities.

Paul Meldrum

Paul Meldrum

Head of Learning Innovations,Catholic Schools Parramatta Diocese

Paul is the Head of Learning Innovations with Catholic Schools Parramatta Diocese. He has been a teacher and worked in senior leadership positions, in both the public and catholic K-12 educational sectors, for thirty-five years. During this time Paul has led and developed expertise in three critical areas of school transformation: enterprise technology systems, leading learning and contemporary school designs for learning. Paul was around at the beginning when computers first entered the school environments!

Dr Jessica Priebe

Lecturer, National Art School

Dr Jessica Priebe is an art historian and lecturer in generative AI, blockchain and metaverse curation at the National Art School and Director of Art at Sydney Grammar Edgecliff Prep. Jessica is an adjunct advisor in emerging technologies at the Museum of Contemporary Art and a researcher with RMIT’s Blockchain Innovation Hub. Her current research project looks at the impact of generative AI and decentralised technologies in primary, secondary and tertiary art education and draws from her experiences leading AI and metaverse programs in Catholic and Independent schools in NSW. At the National Art School, Jessica teaches with an AI and Web3 enabled curriculum, the first course of its kind in an Australian higher education institution.

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