Better Smarter Regulation

CSNSW has announced that it is embarking on an initiative to reduce the growing burden of regulation imposed by government on teachers, most particularly on school leaders. The school sector needs a voice back to government on this important issue.

Catholic Schools NSW has heard the message of school teachers and principals that the administrative burden on schools is too high. An abundance of research clearly shows that classroom teachers struggle to balance their workloads, and the increasing burden of administration is preventing them from giving quality time to their students in the classroom.

Australia’s school principals have also reported they are overwhelmed by their workloads. This was the cause of significant stress and prevented school principals from focusing on the core aims of their schools: teaching and learning.

At Catholic Schools NSW’s (CSNSW) inaugural Education Law Symposium held on 30 September 2019, CEO Dallas McInerney announced an initiative designed to identify, rigorously and clearly, the burden of regulation that falls on principals and teachers and to set out a practical, achievable work programme to lighten this burden. This Better, Smarter Regulation Roadmap is not about watering down safeguards or removing essential regulation – it is about identifying and removing redundant regulation, ending duplication and inconsistencies and streamlining reporting protocols so that regulation in school education is targeted, properly assessed against risks and more transparent. This initiative will rely on input from those at the frontlines of our education system.

CSNSW is therefore calling for teachers, principals, school administrators, school leaders and others in the education industry to make submissions based on their experience of red-tape. These submissions will help guide CSNSW’s work in preparing a Roadmap for government to seek positive reform in the way it regulates schools. Guidelines for preparing submissions can be viewed here.

A comprehensive Issues Paper, which explores the issues at play in the regulation of school education, and identifies potential ways forward, can be downloaded here.

The full Terms of Reference can be viewed here.


The timeframe for the Better, Smarter Regulation initiative is:

  • Issues paper to be circulated to our schools and Diocesan Education Offices by December 2019;
  • Submissions close on 31 January 2019.
  • Outline Roadmap to be circulated for wide consultation in March 2020;
  • Final Roadmap to be delivered to governments and the school community by June 2020.

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