Schools’ Support for Students and Staff

Schools have a requirement to ensure that students and staff had a “safe and supportive environment”. In the current NESA manual, this now includes “security, with specific reference to… evacuation procedures” (3.62 and 5.62 respectively). Obligations under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 are an additional, separate legislative requirement. To keep up to date, please scroll below.


All schools are operational.

Emergency Management Services provided to Dioceses and Schools by Catholic Schools New South Wales

  • The CEC Emergency Management System (CECEMS), soon to be replaced by the Catholic Schools Emergency Management System (CSEMS) transmits time sensitive alerts to dioceses. CECEMS is supported by email and phone contact lists which are also used for emergency communication.
  • For all schools an Emergency Planning Manual and Plan Template has been developed, regularly updated and is currently provided on the Catholic Schools New South Wales website:
    Catholic Schools New South Wales Emergency Management Manual
    School Emergency Management Plan Template (Word format)
  • Training and additional services are provided:
    • Full day workshops in dioceses and schools for school leadership teams. These workshops cover the nature of emergencies, the roles of combat agencies, decision-making and risk assessment.
    • Three-hour desktop exercises with school staff, using scenarios based on the school’s site to support school leaders in the emergency planning.
    • Two-hour evacuation scenario-based exercises in schools and after-action reviews with staff.

Please contact Gerard Delany at Catholic Schools New South Wales for further information by email:, or mobile: 0412 151 953.

To keep up to date:

For any emergency where life and/or property are threatened, ring 000, i.e. triple zero.
For information about different kinds of emergencies and for monitoring emergencies:

Emergency Management Links


Emergency Management Links

Structural (Building) Fires

Emergency Management Links

Floods, Earthquakes and Tsunamis

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Emergency Management Links

Traffic and Roads

Useful Apps for Mobile Devices

We highly recommend that you put Fire Near Me on your mobile phones.
Emergency Management apps

Fires Near Me NSW

Fires Near Me NSW for iPhone

Fires Near Me for Android

Please note that you can set “watch zones” which can alert the user if a fire has broken out within the zone.

Emergency Management apps

Live Traffic

Emergency Management apps

Early Warning Network

EWN App for iPhone & Android

Early Warning Network for iPhone and Android are currently under development

Emergency Management apps

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