As a state-wide community of Catholic schools and agencies, we have a collective responsibility to ensure excellence in outcomes for each and every student through quality teaching, formation and best practice governance. Catholic Schools New South Wales Professional Learning (PL) provides Catholic school educators and responsible persons with a complementary suite of affordable and high-quality offerings.

Upcoming Events

DUE TO OVERWHELMING DEMAND REGISTRATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED. However, you are welcome to join the Waitlist. CSNSW 2024 Disability and behaviour Network Symposium – Looking at Disability and Behaviour
The link between a positive experience of school, student achievement and wellbeing is well researched. Strengthening consistent use of proactive and positive practices maximises inclusion and minimises disruptive and aggressive behaviours. Receive expert advice on effectively supporting our most vulnerable young people.
CSNSW 2024 AI Symposium – Risks, Rewards and Opportunities
Generative Artificial Intelligence is affecting all aspects of school life. This symposium will explore the implications for educators and system and school leaders and their work in lesson design, assessment and professional learning. Further it will be an opportunity to consider potential impacts and advantages of AI in reducing teacher and administrative workloads in schools and system offices. Be expertly guided through the day by Matt Esterman, Director of Innovation and Partnerships, OLMC Parramatta.
Early Years Symposium
Early childhood teachers, educators and leaders are invited to explore the current state of mental health and wellbeing in the early years and how a collective impact can work best. We know the early years of a child’s life are critical for life-long learning and wellbeing. When teachers, educators, families and community services work in partnership to support a child, we build the foundations to set a child up to thrive at school and life.
Catholic Schools NSW Education Law Symposium - Shaping Our Future
The annual Catholic Schools NSW Education Law Symposium covers topics related to the unique governance challenges faced by Catholic schools. The symposium provides insights and guidance leading and supporting schools and systems into the future. The day will include keynote presentations, panels and workshops and include high profile industry experts and experienced administrators. The day will cover key challenges and risks and changes relevant to Catholic schools and systems.

The Catholic Schools New South Wales Professional Learning Framework identifies opportunities, across a range of modalities, for both formal and informal learning to enhance individual knowledge, skills and professional practice, and enhance the school’s and/or system’s collective effectiveness.

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HSC data Analysis online

Assessment and Data literacy Modules, Centre for Educational Measurement and Assessment (CEMA)

K-6 New Curriculum Professional Learning Modules and Resources

Solar Lab Reading Series – La Trobe University

Disability Standards for Education for teaching and non-teaching staff


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Catholic Schools NSW Professional Learning (CSNSW PL) offers a comprehensive suite of online and on demand professional learning for teachers, teacher assistants (K-12) and those in governance in Catholic schools across NSW.

For further information contact Mary Ryan

NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) Authorised Provider

Catholic Schools NSW is authorised to assess and accredit PD on NESA’s behalf and has processes in place to ensure the professional learning accredited by Catholic Schools New South Wales meets the criteria set by NESA.

We offer a range of NESA Accredited courses for teachers maintaining their accreditation at Proficient, highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher in NSW. Other courses offered by Catholic Schools New South Wales may align with the NESA list of approved Elective PD.

Successfully completing many of the learning experiences offered by Catholic Schools New South Wales will enable participants to count the indicated hours and minutes addressing the listed Standard Descriptors towards maintenance of teacher accreditation as either NESA Accredited of Elective PD.

A statement in the course description will indicate if the professional learning is NESEA Accredited or Elective PD. Teachers are required to log their own Elective PD in eTAMS.

Governance Training

NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) sets the fit and proper persons requirements for ‘responsible persons’ in the Registration and Accreditations of Non-government Schools (RANGS). This includes the requirement that responsible persons whether for an individual school or a system of schools complete 12 hours of NESA approved training over 3 years delivered by a NESA-approved training provider.

  • Catholic Schools NSW is a NESA-approved training provider.
  • Annually Catholic Schools NSW hosts the NESA approved Education Law Symposium, now a constant in the diaries of those persons responsible for the operation and governance of non-government schools.
  • Complementary to the Education Law Symposium Catholic Schools NSW PL offers an ever-expanding suite of NESA approved online on demand module addressing governance issues and more.

For more information about Governance Training for responsible persons and NESA requirements please contact Catholic Schools NSW here.