The Early Years Foundations for Learning Digital Resource

This resource has been designed to:

  • assist educators to engage families in the early learning of their children;
  • assist families and educators reflect on how children learn at home and at school;
  • provide practical, evidence-based activities to support literacy and numeracy skills/development aligned to the NSW Syllabus and the Early Years Learning Framework; and
  • reinforce Catholic schools’ commitment to work in partnership with all families to support children’s learning and wellbeing.

Supporting student learning and wellbeing: Principal Guide

Find templates and samples of plans to deliver learning to students moving between school and home.

The Australian Dream

Civics and citizenship resources to help explore themes of cultural identity, history, racism and reconciliation.

Relevancy: Years 6, 7, 8, 9,10

The Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies

Online resources
Resources to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledge and culture.

Relevancy: All

First Languages Australia

First Nations Languages Map of Australia
This interactive map showcases over 780 Indigenous languages.

Relevancy: Stage 1 – Stage 6

National Library of Australia

The Library’s collection holds a diverse range of material, offering a rich interpretation of Australia’s past and contemporary Aboriginal culture.

Relevancy: Stage 4 – Stage 6

Australian Museum

Learn about the richness of First Nations cultures, histories and experiences.

Relevancy: Stage 4 – Stage 6

Protocols for working with Indigenous Artists

Relevancy: K – 12

Protocols for using First Nations Cultural and Intellectual Property in the Arts

Relevancy: K – 12

Aboriginal Education Consultative Group