News | April 17, 2024 (Originally Published September 18, 2019)

The Case for Catholic Schools

The Case for Catholic Schools is a report in three volumes that will provide an evidence-based explanation of the benefits of Catholic schools. This research is intended to contribute to public understanding of the many benefits of Catholic schools in NSW for taxpayers, families and students.

Catholic schools have a rich tradition spanning some 200 years. The Case for Catholic Schools report will provide research and commentary across several critical domains highlighting the community, societal, personal and spiritual benefits of Catholic education.

Volume 1 explains the financial benefits of Catholic schools, with the primary advantage being a reduced monetary burden for government and taxpayers, allowing greater investment in government schools and other essential public services.

NSW’s 598 Catholic schools enrol more than 250,000 students, or one in five of the state’s students. Employing almost 31,000 staff, Catholic schools play a critical role in the delivery of school education in NSW.

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