Governance Training

In January 2014, the NSW Education Act 1990 was amended to require registered non-government schools to have and to implement policies and procedures for proper governance.

Each person defined under the Act as a ‘Responsible Person’ – and any other person or body exercising similar functions in relation to a school – is required to undertake initial and ongoing professional learning as a key aspect of proper governance, as follows:

  • at least 12 hours over each three year period in regard to governance issues from within three months of their appointment as a ‘Responsible Person’, delivered by a NESA approved training provider (such as CSNSW), and
  • an induction process for new Responsible Persons for a school including, at a minimum, the mandatory successful completion of a NESA approved training program delivered by a NESA approved training provider.

CSNSW provides NESA approved online governance training for all Responsible Persons in Catholic schools and school authorities through a series of one-hour online modules.

Responsible Persons can access these governance training modules through the NETiD portal


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